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Project Overview
Water and life-related systems
Molecular systems: Physical properties and chemical reactivity
Structure, stability and reactivity of minerals
Development of new high pressure cells:anvil and large volume devices
Development of new optically active materials
Design of a novel laser heating system for DACs
Implementation of diagnostic devices in high pressure industrial equipments

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Work of members of MALTA-Team recently appears in ACS Nano

On the Stiffness of Gold at the Nanoscale and Effects of Hydrostatic Pressure on the Surface Plasmon Resonance of Gold Nanocrystals .

Congratulations to Camino Martín-Sánchez, José Antonio Barreda-Argüeso and Fernando Rodríguez

MALTA-Consolider Team

Investigadores de la UC desentrañan el proceso de metalización de compuestos de tierras raras

Virginia Monteseguro ha liderado este proyecto que ha llevado a la publicación de dos artículos científicos. Uno más concreto, publicado en forma de comment, Comment on "Mechanisms for Pressure-Induced Isostructural Phase Transitions in EuO", en la revista Physical Review Letters, y el otro más general, "Crystal-field mediated electronic transitions of EuS up to 35 GPa", publicado en Scientific Reports.

Felicitaciones a los investigadores Javier Ruiz Fuertes, Fernando Rodríguez, Jose Antonio Barreda, Beatriz Galindo y Virginia Monteseguro

MALTA-Consolider Team

Alfonso Muñoz miembro de MALTA-Consolider elegido miembro de la comision C20 de la IUPAP

El investigador y catedrático de Física Aplicada de la Universidad de La Laguna Alfonso Muñoz se convierte en el único físico español elegido miembro de la comisión C20 de Física Computacional, integrada en la prestigiosa Unión Internacional de Física Pura y Aplicada (IUPAP), una organización no gubernamental que integra a numerosos expertos procedentes de todo el mundo para propiciar e impulsar el desarrollo de esta disciplina.

Felicitaciones a Alfonso Muñoz

MALTA-Consolider Team

Work of members of MALTA-Team recently appears in Minerals.

Combined Experimental and Theoretical Studies: Lattice-Dynamical Studies at High Pressures with the Help of Ab Initio Calculations

Congratulations to Francisco Javier Manjón, Juan Ángel Sans, Placida Rodríguez–Hernández and Alfonso Muñoz

MALTA-Consolider Team

Miembros de MALTA-UCM premiados por su labor en Transferencia de Tecnología y Conocimiento

En su VI convocatoria, la UCM ha concedido el primer premio de Transferencia de Tecnología y Conocimiento en el área de área de Ciencias Experimentales e Ingenierías a María Elena Arroyo de Dompablo, por el proyecto titulado "Diseño de materiales como electrodo para baterías recargables de calcio

Felicitaciones a M. Elena Arroyo-de Dompablo

MALTA-Consolider Team

Alba II High Pressure Workshop

The ALBA Synchrotron is going towards an important upgrade, ALBA II, impacting and enhancing the future characterization capabilities offered to the user community. The ALBA Synchrotron will organize the Alba II High Pressure Workshop on Scientific and Instrumental Advances in High Pressure Techniques.

More information can be obtained at this link link and in the following pdf.

MALTA-Consolider Team

Webinar - High-pressure characterization of Indium oxides for water splitting applications

The seminar that will take place on June, will be given by Prof. Dr. Daniel Errandonea, member of MALTA-Team.

More information can be obtained at this link link

MALTA-Consolider Team

Work of members of MALTA-Team recently appears in Angewandte Chemie.

Highs and lows of bond lengths: Is there any limit? Bonds cannot be compressed or elongated at will. Two bond-length keepers watch for the stability of chemical bonds by imposing limits that cannot be exceeded. At short distances, the hard-sphere boundary prevents the interaction to be positive. At long distances, the spinodal condition avoid the bond force constant to be negative. Both are intrinsic consequences of the bond length at equilibrium.

Congratulations to all the authors.

MALTA-Consolider Team

EHPRG 2020 meeting

The 58th EHPRG meeting will start next Sunday, September 6, in Tenerife organized by MALTA-Team members.

Chairman: Alfonso Muñoz, Universidad de La Laguna.

More information can be obtained at this link link

MALTA-Consolider Team

Work of members of MALTA-Team recently appears in Nature Communications.

Experimental and theoretical confirmation of an orthorhombic phase transition in niobium at high pressure and temperature This work explores the behaviour of Niobium under extreme pressure and temperature conditions, in order to elucidate its phase diagram which was unclear.

Congratulations to Daniel Errandonea and David Santamaría-Perez.

MALTA-Consolider Team

Work of members of MALTA-Team recently appears in Chemical Reviews.

Achievements, Challenges, and Prospects of Calcium Batteries.

Congratulations to M. Elena Arroyo-de Dompablo and M. Rosa Palacín

MALTA-Consolider Team

Bienvenida del nuevo coordinador de la red MALTA-Consolider Team

El nuevo coordinador de la red Francisco Javier Manjón da la bienvenida a todos los miembros de la red. Podeís encontrar la carta de bienvenida en el siguiente link y la memoría del proyecto aquí.

MALTA-Consolider Team

Work of members of MALTA-Team recently appears in Chemical Science.

Gold(I) sulfide: unusual bonding and an unexpected computational challenge in a simple solid.

Congratulations to D. Santamaría-Pérez, T. Marqueńo, R. Chulia-Jordan, P. Rodriguez-Hernandez, A. Muñoz and Alberto Otero de la Roza.

MALTA-Consolider Team

Work of members of MALTA-Team recently appears in Physical Review Letters.

3D Strain in 2D Materials: To What Extent is Monolayer Graphene Graphite? This work explore the properties of atomically thin graphene which is considered a prototypical 2D material, but high-pressure experiments now reveal the 3D nature of its mechanical properties.

Congratulations to Ignacio Hernandez, Jesus Gonzalez y Fernando Rodriguez.

MALTA-Consolider Team

La red MALTA-Consolider Team financiada por el MCIU como red de excelencia

La red MALTA-Consolider Team se afianza como una de las Redes de Investigación de Excelencia en España y se amplía hasta el máximo posible de grupos participantes (resolución provisional de la concesión, aquí).

Desde la web de MALTA damos la bienvenida a los nuevos grupos de investigación de la red y les invitamos a que compartan sus experiencias en la web de MALTA y a que firmen en sus artículos añadiendo, MALTA-Consolider Team a su adscripción, al igual que hacen los miembros más antiguos de la red.

MALTA-Consolider Team


Our colleague Prof. Victor Luaña passed away last August 23rd. Member of the MALTA-Team in the group of the University of Oviedo, Victor Luaña contributed to the MALTA project from the very beginning in 2008 to date. We all miss the loss of a brilliant scientist, colleague and friend. Read here a short reminder of Victor trajectory from his closest colleagues at the University of Oviedo.

MALTA-Consolider Team

Prof. Alfonso Muñoz Gonzalez new EHPRG president

In the last EHPRG meeting (Prague, September 2019), Prof. Alfonso Muńoz Gonzalez was elected President of the EHPRG Executive Committee until 2022. This is the second time that a member of the MALTA team becomes president of the highest European institution devoted to High-Pressure science. Congratulations to Alfonso and ... to MALTA too!.

Stefan Klotz (right) and Alfonso Muńoz, former and new EHPRG presidents, appear in the photo during the last EHPRG at Prague September 2019.

MALTA-Consolider Team

EHPRG 2020 meeting

Next EHPRG meeting will take place in Tenerife organized by MALTA-Team members.

Preliminary information can be obtained in this link link

MALTA-Consolider Team

Work of members of MALTA-Team recently appears in Chemical Science.

The article Controlling the preferential motion of chiral molecular walkers on a surface presents a novel procedure to separate enantiomers, a highly important topic in chemistry.

This also highlits a possible explanation for the homochiral world as stated in The converstaion.

Congratulations to J. Manuel Recio and David Abbasi-Pérez.

MALTA-Consolider Team

IX Escuela de Altas Presiones

22-26 Julio Cursos de Verano El Escorial 2019

Podéis encontrar más información sobre la nueva edición en el siguiente link

Malta-Consolider Team

The new book of Ángel Vegas is available

We are pleased to announce that it is already available for sale the book of Dr. Ángel Vegas Molina entitled "Structural Models of Inorganic Crystals". The book is available for sale at the Publications Service of the Universitat Politècnica de València. The link can be found here

For more info a description of the book can be found here.

Congratulations to Ángel Vegas.

MALTA-Consolider Team

Work of members of MALTA-Team recently appears in Nature Communications.

Stability and nature of the volume collapse of ε-Fe2O3 under extreme conditions.

The article join to the Nature Research Chemistry Commuity, the entry can be found here

Congratulations to Juan Ángel Sans, Virginia Monteseguro and Alfonso Muñoz.

MALTA-Consolider Team

Work of members of MALTA-Team recently appears in Nature Communications.

Unusually complex phase of dense nitrogen at extreme conditions

Congratulations to Mirian Marqués

MALTA-Consolider Team

Positions at Dongseo University

For the recently founded Engineering Research Center LSTM Erlangen Busan Branch in the South Korean city of Busan, we are seeking 7 postdocs as well as 10 PhD students. Starting from the comprehensive experience already available, High Pressure Treatment as well as other Non-Thermal Treatment Methods of matter biological origin, such as food, bio-technological, pharmaceutical and medical processes and products, will play an important role in the planned activities of LSTME Busan Branch. Thus, we trust on that the job advert attached might develop a certain attraction in particular for high potential young research members of EHPRG.

For more info and contact information please click here.

MALTA-Consolider Team

Simposio sobre superconductividad y presión

Durante los próximos días 21 y 22 de Mayo tengrá lugar en Madrid el simposio internacional: Superconductividad y presión: una relación fructífera en el camino hacia la superconductividad a temperatura ambiente. El simposio es ofrecido por la fundación Ramón Areces y la inscripción es gratuita.

Para mas información podeís consultar la página en el siguiente link

MALTA-Consolider Team

News from AIRAPT

The Greatest World Association for High Pressure Research has a LOGO

On Tuesday, April 17th 2018, AIRAPT President Prof. Fernando Rodriguez (also member of the MALTA-Consolider Team) announced the result of a contest for the AIRAPT logo: "The selected logo was designed by Dr. Philip Dalladay-Simpson (HPSTAR, China), to whom the AIRAPT is deeply indebted for his important contribution. Thanks are also due to all participants in the call, whose artistic and creative designs made the competition tight."


MALTA-Consolider Team

Jubilación del profesor Pedro Dimas Sanz

El pasado 31 de enero de 2018, tuvo lugar la jubilación de nuestro compañero el profesor Pedro Dimas Sanz, investigador principal del grupo ICTAN de alimentos. En nombre del equipo de Malta, nuestros mejores deseos para su nueva etapa que comienza ¡¡¡gracias por todo Pedro!!!.

MALTA-Consolider Team

Joint AIRAPT-25 and EHPRG-53 High Pressure conference

PROCEEDINGS OF THE Joint AIRAPT-25th & EHPRG-53rd International Conference on High Pressure Science and Technology released

We announce that the articles of the Joint AIRAPT-25th & EHPRG-53rd International Conference on High Pressure Science and Technology have finally been published in the IOP Journal of Physics: Conference Series, Volume 950, 2017. Abstracts, articles and featured video-abstracts are available online at the following link:

MALTA-Consolider Team

Work of members of MALTA-Team recently appears in Nature Communications.

Mechanocaloric effects in superionic thin films from atomistic simulations

Congratulations to Daniel Errandonea and Claudio Cazorla

MALTA-Consolider Team

MALTA en los cursos de verano del El Escorial

Entrevistas a Buenaventura Guamis y Fernando Rodriguez

Buenaventura Guamis, Catedrático de Tecnología de los Alimentos de la Universitat Autónoma de Barcelona y ponente durante la esculea de verano, impartida en el Escorial, fue entrevistado durante su celebración, explicando como las altas presiones han contribuido al desarrollo de tecnologías alimentarias.

Por otro lado Fernando Rodríguez González, catedrático del departamento de Ciencias de la Tierra y Física de la Materia Condensada (CITIMAC) de la Universidad de Cantabria y primer español en presidir la Asociación Internacional de Altas Presiones, AIRAPT, nos habla en su entrevista a cerca de la importancia de la investigación en altas presiones y como esta repercute en multiples ámbitos.

Malta-Consolider Team

New edition of the Spanish High Pressure School

17-21 Julio Cursos de Verano El Escorial 2017

After the international edition in 2015, MALTA-Team organizes a postgraduate course covering theory, experimental techniques, and application of high pressure science. For detailed information and final program follow this link

MALTA-Consolider Team

Spanish media highlights achievments of MALTA group at UPV

Discovering reactivity of He with arsenolite

The investigation was carried out thanks to the collaboration of MALTA members at different institutions and was published in Physical Review B. Follow comments on this investigation in several press agencies and national newspapers

Agencia Efe
Las Provincias
La Vanguardia

MALTA-Consolider Team

31st EFFoST International Conference

Food Science and Technology Challenges for the 21st Century - Research to Progress Society

The 31st EFFoST International Conference will be held in Sitges, Spain from 13-16 November 2017 under the theme: Food Science and Technology Challenges for the 21st Century - Research to Progress Society.

Conference chairman Prof. Buenaventura Guamis-López (Malta Team and Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona)

MALTA-Consolider Team (UAB)

The "Holy Grail" of High Pressure finally found !!

Scientists at Harvard University report on the metallization of hydrogen

MALTA-Team wants to congratulate Ranga P. Dias and Isaac F. Silvera for this enormous achievement whose scientific and technological implications will be undoubtedly far-reaching

The article can be found at Science. Another insteresting article about this news can be found at Independent newspaper.

We also want to stress that Physics Today suggests further checking.

MALTA-Consolider Team

Work of members of MALTA-Team (UV, ULL) recently appears in Nature Communications.

Strongly-driven Re+CO2 redox reaction at high-pressure and high-temperature

Congratulations to David, Raquel, Julio, Domingo, Plácida and Alfonso

MALTA-Consolider Team (UV - ULL)

Las nuevas estrategias de búsqueda de vida extraterrestre (madri+d)

Olga Prieto Ballesteros responde en un interesante artículo divulgativo a cuestiones tales como: ¿ Estamos solos en el Universo ? ¿ Es la vida algo singular de la Tierra, o es relativamente común a lo largo del Cosmos ? La exploración espacial aborda actualmente la cuestión de buscar vida extraterrestre colocando el foco en escudriñar primero los planetas habitables de nuestro Sistema Solar y de fuera de éste.

INTA-CAB Malta-Team

El profesor Alfonso Muñoz fue galardoando con el premio al mejor investigador

Cada 2 años la ULL da un premio al mejor investigador en el campo de las ciencias y la tecnología. En el año 2016 le concedieron el premio de investigación a Alfonso Muñoz, coincidiendo con los actos del 224 aniversario de la Universidad de La Laguna.

La mas sincera enhorabuena de todo el equipo de Malta.

Malta-Consolider Team

Annual meeting of MALTA-CONSOLIDER Team
10-11 November 2016. Valencia

Thanks to financial support from Spanish MINECO under project MAT2015-71070-REDC, principal investigators and members of all the institutions of the Spanish Matter at High Pressure network will be meeting in Valencia next 10-11 November. Past, present and future actions will be discussed in presence of new high pressure scientist generations.

Program can be downloaded here.

MALTA-Consolider Team

Research from MALTA put on the spot !!

Pressure effects on the structural and electronic properties of ABX4 scintillating crystals, D. Errandonea and F. J. Manjon, PROGRESS IN MATERIALS SCIENCE 53, 711-773 (2008)

According to Essential Science Indicators as quoted in the Web of Science, the above article was cited enough from last May/June 2016 to warrant the inclusion in the group of 1% best scientific papers on the field of Materials Science. Congratulations to MALTA-Team and specially to Daniel and Francisco Javier fron UV and UPV, respectively.

MALTA-Consolider Team (UV - UPV)

Summer Under Pressure School Videolectures

All the fourteen lectures of the first Summer Under Pressure School held in Madrid (August 28-September 1, 2015) are just one click away. Although recordings do not meet the high-quality standards (our apologies about that), lectures and lecturers are ravishing! Enjoy and send out your feedback to us.

Jornadas sobre superconductividad
Difundiendo investigación. MAT2015-71070-REDC

Las altas presiones permiten aumentar la temperatura crítica de fases superconductoras en materiales ricos en hidrógeno. Teorías, cálculos e interpretaciones sobre superconductividad y presión serán objeto de tres charlas durante la jornada del 20 de mayo en la Universidad de Oviedo. Abierto a estudiantes de doctorado e investigadores de química y física del estado sólido.

MALTA-Consolider Team (UOVI)

Giant Mechanocaloric Effects in Fluorite-Structured Superionic Materials

A member of MALTA and a scientist from University of New South Wales (Australia) predict a giant mechanocaloric effect in CaF2 and PbF2, two fast ion conductors (FIC). This work advocates that FIC constitute a new family of mechanocaloric materials showing great promise for prospective solid-state refrigeration applications. The results have been published in Nano Letters .

MALTA-Consolider Team

Financial support to MALTA-Team from Spanish MINECO

MALTA-Team has been granted with 51,500 euro for the following 2 years under the "Redes de Excelencia" program. MALTA networking, High Pressure Summer Schools, and MALTA visibility among the actions covered by this funding.

MALTA-Consolider Team

JPhys+ interested in MALTA activity

Professor Daniel Errandonea talks about the implications of studying materials at high-pressures and what he most enjoys

MALTA-Consolider Team

AIRAPT-25 and EHPRG-53 Material

Book of abstracts and additional material can be downloaded here.

MALTA-Consolider Team

Summer Under Pressure School Lectures

The workshop lectures and additional material can be downloaded here.

MALTA-Consolider Team

World's largest conference on High Pressure Science and Technology in Madrid
Joint AIRAPT-25 and EHPRG-53 High Pressure conference (August 30 - September 4)

Hosted by the MALTA-Consolider group with around 400 people already registered. A Summer Under Pressure School will take place during the three days prior to the International meeting.

MALTA-Consolider Team

New book from Spanish High Pressure Schools is comming
An Introduction to High-Pressure Science and Technology

Following a MALTA-Consolider initiative this book gathers postgraduate lectures after six editions of Spanish High Pressure Schools with a thorough overview of theory, experiments and applications.

October 5, 2015 Forthcoming by CRC Press, here.

MALTA-Consolider Team

The Spanish Government launches a call to extend the MALTA-Consolider program

Dear fellows of the HP community:

A new call to extend the Malta-Consolider program has been recently launched, so we are confident that all the international MALTA-Consolider activities, including the Summer Under Pressure School scheduled for 2017, are expected to be continue for two more years. These are good news for the whole High Pressure community.

MALTA-Consolider Team

Million calculations and beyond Long live to MALTA

MALTA HPC relies on a million calculations. Congratulations to every researchers. Keep up the good work!.

MALTA-Consolider Team

Highlight on the Journal Of Physics: Condensed Matter: Rare-earth orthovanadates under compression
Studies of HoVO4 reveal several structural changes induced by the application of high pressure at room temperature.

MALTA-Consolider Team (UV - ULL2)

Cover on the Journal of Physical Chemistry C Shedding light on self-assembly processes.

The cover is an artistic representation of the motifs formed by an organic molecule (para-terphenyl-meta-dicarbonitrile) after deposition on a silver(111) surface according to scanning tunneling microscopy observations. The role of the surface in this gas-phase computational study is implicit as only the formation of bi-dimensional-like structures is allowed.

MALTA-Consolider Team (UOVI)

Pressure-Induced Phase Transitions in AB2X4 Chalcogenide Compounds.
This book on pressure-induced phase transitions in AB2X4 chalcogenide compounds deals with one important AmBnXp material. The interest in these materials is caused by their properties. The results are discussed for three main groups of structural families: cubic-spinel structures, defective tetragonal structures, and other structures like layered and wurtzite-type modifications. A systematic analysis of the behavior of cubic (spinel), tetragonal (defect chalcopyrites and stannites) and other crystal modifications of AB2X4 compounds under hydrostatic pressure is performed
MALTA-Consolider Team (UV - UPV)

Angewandte Communications: Synthesis of a Novel Zeolite through a Pressure-Induced Reconstructive Phase Transition Process
The first pressure-induced solid-phase synthesis of a zeolite has been found through compression of a common zeolite, ITQ-29. The new microporous structure, ITQ-50, has a unique structure and improved performance for propene/propane separation with respect the parent material ITQ-29.

MALTA-Consolider Team (UV - UPV)

The software section has been updated.
A new utility to be used in High Hydrostatic Pressure processes when using water for both the sample and the pressure transmitting medium. It is possible to obtain the temperature increasing due to the adiabatic heat of compression and the temperature decreasing due to the adiabatic heat of expansion.

Encuentro 2013 MALTA-Consolider
Ya está disponible el programa del "Encuentro 2013 MALTA-Consolider" que se celebrará en Barcelona entre los dias 23 y 27 de septiembre. Descargar
Place: Barcelona
Date: 23 - 27 Septiembre 2013

Julia Contreras (MALTA-UOVI) has been awarded with the EHPRG Award 2013
The European High Pressure Group decided during its General Assembly held in Paderborn, Germany, July 1989, to attribute awards called EHPRG Awards. The aim is to promote high-pressure research of high quality and to encourage young researchers in the area.
Click here for a complete list of award winners since 1990
VI High Pressure Summer School
The sixth edition of the High Pressure Summer School is going to be held in Oviedo (Spain) from the 20th to the 24th of May.
Project/Mechanical Engineer position at Almax easyLab Ltd ? Reading/UK
We have a vacancy for a project engineer/mechanical engineer at Almax easyLab. We are looking for a candidate which has some experience in 3D modelling as well as having been involved with high pressure/optics and who would be interested in working in Industry and in our growing company to help us to develop current and future products
Vacancy: PhD fellowship
Se busca un/a F?sico/a o Ingeniero/a con un alto coeficiente acad?mico para realizar una tesis doctoral sobre "congelaci?n electromagn?tica" de forma paralela al desarrollo del correspondiente Proyecto del Plan Nacional, aprobado a finales de 2012. Se valorar? la formaci?n acad?mica complementaria (M?ster,...), elevados conocimientos de electromagnetismo, de polarizaci?n dipolar y de transmisi?n de calor con cambio de fase. Se valorar? la posesi?n de alguna experiencia en modelizaci?n de procesos y la pericia en el laboratorio. Imprescindible poseer una fuerte vocaci?n de investigador/a.
Apply now!!
email: pedro.sanz at

ALBA's First Publication
The first scientific publication with data measured at Alba synchrotron has been accepted for publication in Inorganic Chemistry. The article is a collaboration between MALTA researchers from the "Universidad Complutense de Madrid" and the "Universidad de Valencia", and researchers from the Max-Planck Institut f?r Festk?rperforschung.

Vacancy: Application Scientist
Almax Industries and easyLab are aiming to recruit an experienced high pressure physicist, chemist or similar. Do you think you are suitable for such an opportunity?

First powder diffraction experiments at ALBA's BL04 high pressure end station have been carried out recently and MALTA was there

   1.- ALBA Newsletter

   2.- TV3

Anomalous High-Pressure Jahn-Teller Behavior in CuWO4
High-pressure optical-absorption measurements performed in CuWO4 up to 20 GPa provide experimental evidence of the persistence of the Jahn-Teller (JT) distortion in the whole pressure range both in the low-pressure triclinic and in the high-pressure monoclinic phase...
   Extended abstract          Full text (via PRL)
MALTA-Consolider Team (UV - UCAN)

New MALTA Sponsorship: MIRAS-2012 (3rd Spanish Meeting on Synchrotron Radiation Infrared Microspectroscopy)
This meeting is open to all members of the Spanish scientific community using IR spectroscopy in their research. Invited speakers will present recent developments and new techniques in IR synchrotron sources as well as new results in different fields in order to outline the opportunities open by the future IR beamline at ALBA.
Place: Valencia (Spain)
Date: 19-20 April, 2012

MALTA-Consolider, proud sponsor of the Advanced Seminar on "Perspectives for Neutron Science in Novel & Extreme conditions"
This Advanced Seminar will address a wide scientific community with the aim to identify the real scientific drivers requiring novel and extreme conditions and to determine how the neutron scattering techniques could contribute. we hope that novel and extreme sample environment equipment and instruments will be discussed so that new scientific areas will later benefit from neutron scattering techniques
Place: Zaragoza (Spain)
Date: 27th - 31st May, 2012

Sistema para conservar líquidos fuera de la nevera más de medio año (MALTA-UAB)
La Universidad Autónoma de Barcelona (UAB) a través de Centro Especial de Investigación Planta de Tecnología de los Alimentos (Cerpta) ha creado un nuevo sistema para esterilizar y estabilizar líquidos mediante altas presiones que permite su conservación a temperatura ambiente entre seis y nueve meses.

MALTA-Consolider, proud sponsor of the NanoSpainConference 2012
NanoSpain Conference is now in its 9th edition. Since its start in 2004, this event has become a well-renowned conference providing an opportunity to exchange ideas, networking and interact in the latest advances and challenges of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology.
Place: Santander (Spain)
Date: February, 27th - March, 1st

50th European High Pressure Research Group Meeting
For more than half a century now, the European High Pressure Research Group Meetings bring together people who apply high pressure techniques in a multitude of purely scientific and applied fields in Europe and Worldwide.
Thessaloniki, the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki and the Local Organizing Committee warmly welcome again this event for its ?gold anniversary?.

Advances in UHPH processes (FUNENTECH Workshop)
- To provide an overview on current and potential applications of ultra high pressure homogenization (UHPH)
- To present the latest findings of a FP7 funded project called FUNENTECH 232603: Study of functionality, nutritional and safety aspects of liquid foods, liquid food preparations and cosmetics processed by ultrahigh pressure homogenization.
Place: Centre Especial de Recerca Planta de Tecnologia dels Aliments (CERPTA). Universidad Autonoma de Barcelona (Spain)
Date: December, 15th 2011

Vacancy: Technician for the Spectroscopy and NMR Unit
The Spectroscopy and NMR Unit at Centro Nacional de Investigaciones Ocologicas, is opening a permanent position for a staff technician to support the biophysical characterization services provided by the Unit, and in particular the maintenance and use of the instrumentation for spectrophotometry, fluorimetry, circular dichroism, isothermal titration and differential scanning calorimetries, analytical ultracentrifugation, surface plasmon resonance, nuclear magnetic resonance, etc.
More info:

Alta presi?n: Una herramienta para estudiar, transformar y obtener nuevos materiales
Dentro del Encuentro Sobre Fronteras de la Ciencia organizados por la Fundaci?n Duques de Soria, Julio Pellicer Torres impartir? la charla titulada "Alta presi?n: Una herramienta para estudiar, transformar y obtener nuevos materiales"
Lugar: Facultad de Ciencias, Aula Magna (Valladolid)
Fecha: 19 de Octubre

Vacancy: Postdoctoral Fellow. Physics Department at Harvad University
This position is for research at high pressure using diamond anvil cells and mainly optical techniques. The main thrust of our research program is to study hydrogen by pressurizing molecular hydrogen into multi-megabar region
More info:

Workshop: High-Pressure Phase Transitions: Experimental Challenges and Theoretical Predictions
The aim of the workshop is to bring together experimental, theoretical, and computational experts in high-pressure phase transitions, in order to tackle current and new challenges in the study of solids under extreme hydrostatic and non-hydrostatic pressures and high temperatures.
Date: 19-21 October
Place: Zaragoza (Spain)

X Workshop M?todos r?pidos y automatizaci?n en microbiolog?a alimentaria.
El objetivo de este worksop es ampliar y difundir los conocimientos te?ricos y pr?cticos sobre m?todos innovadores para detectar, contar, aislar y caracterizar r?pidamente los microorganismos, y sus metabolitos, habituales en los alimentos y el agua.
Date: 22-25 Noviembre
Lugar: Barcelona (Espa?a)

The software section has been updated. New programs and useful links are now available
A wide selection of new computational codes are now available for download in the software section. All the codes are distributed under the GNU GPL v3 licence

V Escuela de Altas Presiones (La Laguna - Tenerife)
Ya esta disponible el programa de la quinta edici?n de la escuela de verano en altaspresiones que este a?o se celebra en La Laguna (Tenerife) entre los dias 27 de junio y 1 de julio.

Highlighted article: High-pressure experimental study on Rb2S: antifluorite to Ni2In-type phase transitions
Rubidium sulfide, Rb2S, with an antifluorite-type structure at 1 bar, has been studied up to 8 GPa using angle-dispersive X-ray diffraction in a diamond-anvil cell. Two different high-pressure phases have been characterized: (i) an anticotunnite-type structure (P > 0.7 GPa) and (ii) an Ni2In-type structure (P > 2.6 GPa)
Authors: D. Santamaria-Perez et al. (UCM Malta-Consolider)

Miriam Marqu?s (MALTA-UOVI) has been awarded with the EHPRG Award 2011
The European High Pressure Group decided during its General Assembly held in Paderborn, Germany, July 1989, to attribute awards called EHPRG Awards. The aim is to promote high-pressure research of high quality and to encourage young researchers in the area.
Click here for a complete list of award winners since 1990

Cursos de Verano de UCM: "Espectroscopia Raman: Ciencia del futuro para el presente"
El grupo MALTA-Consolider organiza un curso de 5 dias de duración dentro del prestigioso programa de cursos de verano que cada año se celebran en El Escorial.
Fechas: 11-15 de julio
Responsable: Valentin Garcia Baonza (UCM MALTA-Consolider)

Nueva ciencia en condiciones extremas
Valentin Garcia Baonza impartir? este viernes a las 12.30 horas, la conferencia ?Nueva ciencia en condiciones extremas?, dentro de la programaci?n del ciclo Seminarios 2011 del Departamento de F?sica de la Materia Condensada de la Universidad de Zaragoza

V Congreso de la Asociación de Usuarios de Sincrotrón de España
La V Reuni?n Nacional de la Asociaci?n de Usuarios de Radiaci?n Sincrotr?n de Espa?a (AUSE) se celebrar? en Valencia, del 6 al 9 de Septiembre de 2011

MALTA-Consolider y QUIMAPRES, en portada de madri+d
El Sistema madri+d es una red de trabajo que agrupa a instituciones p?blicas y privadas de investigaci?n y a las asociaciones empresariales regionales, que tiene como objetivo mejorar la competitividad de la regi?n mediante la transferencia de conocimiento

Benefits of N for O substitution in polyoxoanionic electrode materials: a first principles investigation of the electrochemical properties of Li2FeSiO4-yNy (y = 0, 0.5, 1)
This article has been identified as "hot article" for Journal of Materials Chemistry. It is available free of charge at the journan's website (
Authors: M. Armand and M. E. Arroyo y de Dompablo
Institution: Universite de Picardie Jules-Verne and MALTA-consolider UCM

I Simposio Español de Altas Presiones
El Programa de Investigaci?n QUIMAPRES (Qu?mica a alta presi?n, S2009/PPQ-1551, del Programa de Actividades de I+D entre Grupos de Investigaci?n de la Comunidad de Madrid), junto con el Consorcio MALTA-Consolider (Materia a alta presi?n, CSD2007-00045, Proyecto de Excelencia Nacional), han organizado durante el pasado mes de enero de 2011 (del 23 al 27 del mismo), en la localidad madrile?a de Miraflores de la Sierra, el I Simposio Nacional de Altas Presiones.

Vancancies at CIC Energigune: Energy cooperative research centre
CIC Energigune is the new energy research centre with headquarters in the Basque Country which aims to become an international benchmark in its field. The centre has the backing of public institutions and administrations, and of companies directly related to the energy sector.

V High Pressure Summer School
The fifth edition of the High Pressure Summer School is going to be held in La Laguna (Tenerife) from the 27th of June to the 1st of July

Se ofrece un contrato para realizar la Tesis Doctoral en los Departamentos de Física Aplicada y Electromagnetismo de la Universidad de Valencia
Contact: Domingo Martínez

PhD Position at Universidad de La Laguna (Tenerife): ?S?ntesis y caracterizaci?n de nuevos materiales y nanomateriales bajo condiciones extremas de presi?n y temperatura: estudio te?rico-experimental?
Se ofrece un contrato para realizar la Tesis Doctoral en los Departamentos de F?sica Fundamental y Experimental, Electr?nica y Sistemas y de F?sica Fundamental II de la Universidad de La Laguna
Contact: Víctor Lavín

Tecnologías transversales de interés para las industrias alimentaria, farmacéutica y cosmética
Libro en el que se recogen las conferencias celebradas en Barcelona el pasado 10 de diciembre de 2009 con motivo de la I Jornada T?cnica de Transversalizaci?n.
Malta-Consolider: 3rd year presentation
Brief summary about the goals and main outreaches of MALTA... so far.
Open doors week at
Are you interested in the schedule of the I Simposio Malta-Consolider? Fancy knowing how MALTA is organized? Have you ever wondered what the "secret" rooms of this website look like? Well, It's time for you to find the answer to all these questions. Feel free to come in and play around as much as you want. Enjoy! CLOSED!!!
I Simposio Malta-Consolider
The I Simposio Malta-Consolider is going to be held in Miraflores de La Sierra (Madrid) from the 23rd to the 27th of January 2011.
L?minas bidimensionales de carbono aspirantes a cambiar el mundo
Formalmente el grafeno es una l?mina bidimensional de un ?tomo de anchura constituida por carbonos unidos mediante enlaces sp2, presentando un empaquetamiento compacto en una red cristalina que forma un perfecto panal de cavidades hexagonales. Leer más
Author: Víctor García solares
Summary report of the Workshop on Modelling and Simulation of High Pressure Processe
Workshop organized in the framework of Projects MTM2008-04621/MTM, QUIMAPRES (S2009/PPq-1551), I-MATH INGENIO MATHEMATICA-Consolider and "MALTA-Consolider"
Date: November 22th, 2010
Place: Universidad Complutense de Madrid.
IX Workshop Rapid Methods and Automation
The aim of the workshop is to broaden and spread the theoretical and practical knowledges about innovative methods for rapid detection, count, isolation and characterization of foodborne and waterborne microorganisms
Dates: November, 23rd - 26th
City: Barcelona

Workshop on Modelling and Simulation of High Pressure Processes
Workshop organized in the framework of Projects MTM2008-04621/MTM, QUIMAPRES (S2009/PPq-1551), I-MATH INGENIO MATHEMATICA-Consolider and "MALTA-Consolider"
Date: November 22th, 2010
Place: Aula Miguel de Guzm?n, Facultad de Matem?ticas, Universidad Complutense de Madrid.

MALTA in the 7eme Forum de Technologie des Hautes Pressions. Biarritz 11-15 Oct.
A session of the forum will be devoted to the MALTA-Consolider initiative. A brief collection of its activities, facilities and main goals will be presented.

Seminar: "Resistance of Aligned Multi-Walled Carbon NanoTubes Under Pressure "
Speaker: Elena del Corro
Date: Thursday, July 15th at 2 p.m
Lugar: ECS North 2.126, University of Texas at Dallas

MALTA in the media
Entre Probetas de Radio5 (RNE)
Entre Probetas describe, en apenas dos minutos, y en el tono desenfadado y directo, lo m?s destacado de la biolog?a -en todas sus facetas-, medicina,tecnolog?a o cualquier otra rama de la investigaci?n humana
Autor: Jose Antonio Lopez

Conferencia: "Determinación experimental de curvas de fusión a alta presión "
Speaker: David Santamaria Perez
Fecha: 18 de junio de 2010 (12:30h)
Lugar: Sala de Grados de la Biblioteca. Facultad de Ciencias Químicas. Universidad Complutense de Madrid

MALTA in the net
Alta presi?n y preservaci?n ?ptima de alimentos
Varios equipos de investigaci?n, coordinados por el Grupo de "Altas Presiones" de la Universidad Complutense de Madrid (UCM), se basan en la Alta Presi?n como campo de aplicaciones crecientes en los procesos biotecnol?gicos, especialmente en el tratamiento de alimentos y la industria conservera, as? como, en la industria farmac?utica y cosm?tica.
Autor: ?scar Rodriguez Montoro

High Pressure Processes in Chemical Engineering
This book, which presents an update on high pressure processes in chemical engineering, is written by leading experts from industry and academia. Among the authors we can find two members of the Malta-Consolider Team at UCM: Elena Arroyo de DomPablo and David Santamaria-Pérez. Both authors alongside Katherine Persson have contributed to the book with the chapter titled: "Polymorphs by pressure"
Editor: Maximilian Lackner

Contratacion de 25 titulados superiores (MICINN)
El MICINN financia la contrataci?n de 25 titutlados superiores para su especializaci?n como tecn?logos en las infraestructuras m?s destacadas del paronama internacional (ej. ESA, CERN, ITER, ESRF, etc)
Fecha l?mite: 29 de Mayo 2010

Fallece Miguel ?lvarez Blanco, miembro del grupo MALTA en la Universidad de Oviedo.
Miguel ?lvarez Blanco, profesor titular del Departamento de Qu?mica F?sica y Anal?tica de la Universidad de Oviedo, falleci? el pasado domingo en el Hospital Universitario Central de Asturias a los 41 a?os de edad

Seminar: High-pressure studies in bulk and nanocrystalline semiconductors
Pressure is an important thermodynamic parameter similar in importance to temperature. Application of high pressure permits to increase matter density by reducing volume and the volume change is considerably larger than that obtained by playing with temperature...
Speaker: Fco. Javier Manj?n Herrera (MALTA-UV)
Date: March, 17th
Place: Facultad de F?sica. Universidad de Barcelona

Conferencia: "Modelizaci?n en Qu?mica: Aspectos termodin?micos del plegamiento de prote?nas mediante m?todos de Monte Carlo en modelos simples"
Speaker: Antonio Rey
Fecha: 9 de marzo de 2010 (12:00h)
Lugar: Seminario Alberto Dou (Aula 209). Facultad de Ciencias Matem?ticas. Universidad Complutense de Madrid

El enlace químico sin experimentos (Charlas)
Ya se pueden descargar todas charlas del workshop en formato pdf y por tiempo limitado.

PhD Position at Universidad Complutense (Madrid)
Se ofrece un contrato para realizar la Tesis Doctoral en el Departamento de Qu?mica F?sica I, Facultad de CC. Qu?micas de la Universidad Complutense de Madrid. Ligado al Grupo UCM-Simpol del proyecto S2009/PPQ-1551 ?Qu?mica a Alta Presi?n? (QUIMAPRES), de la Comunidad de Madrid, en vigor durante el periodo 2010-2013.
Contact: Antonio Rey

Inauguraci?n del Laboratorio de espectroscopía Raman
El nuevo Laboratorio de Espectroscopia Raman de la Universidad de Cantabria, presentado hoy en el campus, permitir? a investigadores y empresas de la regi?n analizar materiales sometidos a altas presiones y condiciones extremas para estudiar su comportamiento, lo cual tiene aplicaciones en multitud de campos, desde la tecnolog?a alimentaria hasta la industria metal?rgica o farmacol?gica.

PhD Position at Universidad Complutense (Madrid)
Applications are invited for a PhD Research contract fully funded by the Community of Madrid within the area of numerical modeling of High Pressure Processes, in the Department of Applied Mathematics (within the MOMAT Research Group, at the Universidad Complutense de Madrid (UCM).
Contact: Ángel Manuel Ramos
Deadline: February 28th, 2010 -- CLOSED --

Acto presentaci?n del Laboratorio de espectroscop?a Raman
El Grupo de Altas Presiones y Espectroscopia de la Universidad de Cantabria, perteneciente al proyecto Ingenio-ConsoliderMateria a Alta Presi?n (MALTA), tiene el gusto de invitarle a la presentaci?n del Laboratorio de espectroscopia Raman como infraestructura nacional del equipo MALTA.

Job Vacancy!!!
Available from April 2010, the post will be offered on a fixed-term contract for a period of 9 months (may be extended) and a gross salary of 20.000?.

The succesful candidate will join the group of Dr. Pedro Sanz at Instituto del frio (Madrid) to work on the experimental determination of thermophysical properties in high pressure.

Candidates should possess, or expect to obtain, a PhD degree in Physics, Engineering or a related discipline.

Informal enquiries may be addressed to Dr. Pedro Sanz on +34 915445607 (226) or
Deadline: 20th of April 2010

PhD Position at University of Oviedo
A four-year position is available for Graduate Students pursuing a PhD Thesis on the development of novel methods in the theory of chemical bonding.
Contact: A.M Pendás (MALTA-Consolider UOVI)
Deadline: end-January 2010
-- CLOSED --

El enlace químico sin experimentos (Programa)
El programa definitivo del mini-workshop ya est? disponible en formato pdf.
Fechas: 21-22 de Diciembre
Lugar: Facultad de Química (Oviedo)

M?s duro que el diamante
Con altas presiones pueden conseguirse materiales sint?ticos ultraduros con m?ltiples aplicaciones potenciales.
D. Errandonea (MALTA-Consolider UV) et al.

Jornada T?cnica sobre Tecnolog?as transversales de inter?s para la Industria Alimentaria, Farmace?tica y Cosm?tica.
Fecha y hora: Jueves 10 de diciembre de 09:00 a 18:00 horas.
Lugar: Sala de Actos del Edificio del Rectorado de la Universidad Aut?noma de Barcelona. Campus de Bellaterra (Cerdanyola).

High pressure orthovanadates
Scientists from Universidad de Valencia have been using the extreme conditions beamline at Diamond to study the structure of several zircon-type orthovanadates at high pressures and see how these change under compression.
D. Errandonea (MALTA-Consolider UV) et al.

Fallo en el envio de formularios.
Debido a un fallo t?cnico, el envío de formularios de inscripción al workshop permanece inactivo desde el pasado viernes 5 de noviembre. Si has realizado la inscripci?n despu?s de esa fecha es posible que tus datos no se hayan llegado a recibir. Por favor, comprueba que est?s en la lista de inscritos.
Si tus datos no aparecen, o quieres formalizar una nueva inscripci?n ponte en contacto con el administrador:

Conferencia de la Dra. Olga Prieto Ballesteros
La Dra. Olga Prieto Ballesteros del Centro de Astrobiolog?a INTA-CSIC impartir? la conferencia "Clatratos de gas en el sistema solar: minerales escondidos bajo presi?n".

El enlace qu?mico sin experimentos.
En este mini-workshop se har? un repaso de los principales c?digos de c?lculo de estado s?lido y su aplicaci?n en el cluster de computaci?n de MALTA.
Fechas: 21-22 de Diciembre
Lugar: Facultad de Qu?mica (Oviedo)
Inscripci?n: HAZ CLICK AQU?

Brand New Project Section
Have you ever wondered how MALTA is organized? Well, this new section will answer your question.

The MALTA Team section has been updated!!
Further information on our researchers, the groups that are involved in MALTA and its locations has been added. Have a look!

Potassium under Pressure: A Pseudobinary Ionic Compound
Experimentally, we have found that among the "complicated" phases of potassium at intermediate pressures is one which has the same space group as the double hexagonal-close-packed structure, although its atomic coordination is completely different.....
M. Marqu?s, et al. -- SUPA, Edimburgh, UK
J. Contreras-Garcia -- MALTA-Consolider (UOVI)

MALTA Computing Centre is now open!!
MALTA high performance computing cluster is finally up and running. If you wish to use it and have not been allocated an account yet, please contact the system administrator:

IV High Pressure Summer School
MALTA-Consolider wants to say a big thank you to all the teachers and students who attended the IV High Pressure Summer School for their effort and enthusiasm. MALTA-Consolider also wants to congratulate Rafa Valiente and Fernando Aguado on their excellent work that made this school a complete success:
   1.- Diario Monta?es (Local Newspaper)

   2.- Universidad de Cantabria


Workshop on Diffraction at Low-temperature and high-pressure
The goal of this workshop is to highlight the importance of low-temperature structural data at high pressures in conjunction with electronic and magnetic properties and to discuss the potential experiments on I15, extreme condition beam line at Diamond.
Location: Diamond Light Source (UK)
Date: June 22nd, 2009

MALTA-Publications has been updated.
The Malta-Publications section has been updated with both MALTA and more relevant non-MALTA scientific contributions published by our scientists since the early stages of this initiative.

Work with us!!
A Research Fellow Position has come up within our Theoretical group in Castellon (Spain). The post will be offered on a fixed-term contract for a period of 12 months. Candidates shoud have a PhD in Physics or Chemistry and have a proven background in molecular modeling of reactive systems under high pressure.
Deadline: 14/04/09 -- CLOSED --
MALTA-Consolider - Universidad Jaume I

MIRAS 2009 : 2nd National Meeting on Synchrotron Radiation Infrared Microspectroscopy
The meeting is for all the members of the scientific community that use Infrared Spectroscopy in our country with the aim of enhancing the use of synchrotron IR light source, and supporting the proposal for the development of a Infrared Microspectroscopy beamline, MIRAS2, for ALBA.

MALTA on the media

  1.- Instituto Tom?s Pascual

Can metals be a liquid glass?
The melting of transition metals on compression is a challenging topic. Computer simulations suggest that hot-compressed tantalum becomes a one-dimensional, liquid-like glass, with important implications for understanding planetary interiors.
Daniel Errandonea
MALTA-Consolider - Universidad de Valencia

MALTA Events

Upcoming Events

*- Next Gordon Research Conference, Exploring High Pressure Science at the Extremes Through Experiment and Computation will take place from July 17, 2022, to July 22, 2022. More information at the following link.

*- Next 59th EHPRG meeting will take place from September 1, 2022, to September 6, 2022. More information can be obtained at the following link.


*- Available position for a PhD in Mineral Physics in the Institute for Mineralogy at University of Münster in collaboration with DESY Hamburg, to investigate the properties of planetary ices in mini-Neptune exoplanets using X-ray diffraction at the European XFEL and PETRA III (DESY). Additional information about the position and the application procedure are provided in the following link.

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