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Project Overview
Water and life-related systems
Molecular systems: Physical properties and chemical reactivity
Structure, stability and reactivity of minerals
Development of new high pressure cells:anvil and large volume devices
Development of new optically active materials
Design of a novel laser heating system for DACs
Implementation of diagnostic devices in high pressure industrial equipments

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The Malta Network

The research network "MALTA-Consolider Team" was founded around "Matter at high pressure, MALTA-Consolider, CSD2007-0045" program, after several years of sporadic collaborations among the eleven research groups participating in this proposal. Since 2008, our network is consolidated and has evolved to become a world reference in high pressure research and in the study of materials under extreme conditions.

A quantitative measure of the scientific success of our network is that the MALTA-Consolider Team has achieved an h-index = 27 since 2008 and a h5-index = 21, having received more than 3400 citations in the ca. 370 JCR articles published under this common affiliation. But the real importance acquired by the Spanish high pressure research community at the international level can not be measured just by quality indicators. The reason why the MALTA-Consolider brand is now well-known and respected worldwide is due more to the way we worked as a research team over the past seven years, and now we are considered as a model for other similar networks now being organized in other countries.

The beneficial effects of the Consolider Ingenio 2010 program for our team were early evident for us back in 2011, when all the MALTA-Consolider Team principal investigators signed a commitment to continue with the project that we forwarded to the evaluation committee of the Consolider program. Our commitment is still alive and we recognize the opportunity of this MINECO call to continue with our science and technology program and extend up to 10 years our cooperation within the official framework provided by the CONSOLIDER Networks action.

2016 Activities

-- III Encuentro Malta-Consolider, Valencia - 10/11 de Noviembre --

2017 Activities

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