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Project Overview
Water and life-related systems
Molecular systems: Physical properties and chemical reactivity
Structure, stability and reactivity of minerals
Development of new high pressure cells:anvil and large volume devices
Development of new optically active materials
Design of a novel laser heating system for DACs
Implementation of diagnostic devices in high pressure industrial equipments

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One of the most important goals of MALTA is to facilitate collaboration and exchanges between the different research groups, as well as to promote external cooperation with other research institutions. The increasing activity of the MALTA scientists and the strong interdisciplinary character of MALTA make necessary a close collaboration and a fluent communication between all scientist of the MALTA Team providing information through three different links: scientific, Technology and web

MALTA will support scientists according to the following items:
    Information on Research Projects either private or public, particularly, European and National projects. The support committee will provide information on open applications and ways and requirements for scientists joining research groups to apply for.
    Promotion and support for international collaborations with Research Centres, Universities and Large Facilities.
    Offering support for exchanges and stays of scientists participating in MALTA.
    Connection with other similar high-pressure organizations of European countries, the European High Pressure Research Group (EHPRG) and the International High Pressure Organization (AIRAPT), organizations which joint most of the worldwide high-pressure scientists. These links are important to connect MALTA with international high-pressure institutions and establish collaborations with international high pressure research centres.

In addition, high-pressure research often requires exchange of technology to improve and develop both experimental and computational facilities and techniques attained in MALTA laboratories.
Actions in this direction include:
    Support to MALTA scientists for the acquisition of high pressure equipment from private companies or public scientific institutions, and to assist them.
    Administrative and technical support for the transfer of high-pressure technology (instrumentation, hardware and software) from external laboratories and computational centres.

Promotion of exchange of scientists requiring specialized formation from other laboratories and research groups within Spain or abroad. Acquisition of skills in high pressure instrumentation and computational methods is a major objective of MALTA.

The publicity of information are essential activities in this project. All information, inquiries and support can be directed from and to the web through the official MALTA website.

General information will include:
    International programs in high-pressure research offering web links and direct access to Meetings, Conferences, Workshops and Specialized programs.
    Open positions and research opportunities available in MALTA and other institutions.
    Web connection to international high-pressure organizations like EHPRG and AIRAPT.
    Mailing list to announce high-pressure-related information.
    List of MALTA Committees and e-mail addresses.
    Update information on high-pressure equipment and infrastructure in MALTA

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